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AGETHERMA - Construction & Development of Air Pre-Heaters :
More than 25 years' experience in the development, construction design and manufacture of heat exchangers ensures the high-quality and state-of-the-art technology of our individually designed plants.

Air Pre-Heaters & Air Heaters

Air Pre-Heaters
In general, air pre-heaters are multi-stage heat exchangers which heat up polluted air that is then incinerated.

Due to dirt particles in the exhaust air, the heat exchangers are usually fitted with bare tubes to make the cleaning process easier.

Air pre-heaters are mostly used in garbage incineration plants or in other areas of power plant engineering.

Air Pre-Heaters
The function of air heaters is similar to that of air pre-heaters.

They are typically used for industrial drying applications where clean, ambient or circulating air is heated up to facilitate the drying process. Since clean air is used in these heat exchangers, they are fitted with fin tubes, resulting in a more compact design.

High Quality

We are able to design and manufacture heat exchanging systems in accordance with PED 97/23/EG & EN 13445 and also with ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1, and we are, of course, certified in accordance with EN 3834-2 (EN 729-2) and EN 1090-2 EXC 3. As a certified supplier to BASF, IGR and other well-known customers the ISO 9001:2008-certificate is self-evident. The highest standards of quality guarantee the high technical level of Agetherma GmbH.

Best Practice

As your partner in the field of industrial heat transfer, we understand your needs. All our heat exchangers are manufactured in our own facilities by highly-qualified staff using state-of-the-art technologies

Individual Engineering

We offer various kinds of heat exchangers (fin tube and bare tube) for your individual heating applications.

Our aim is to find the best heat exchanger solution for you. Working in close cooperation with you, we'll design the best concept to meet your requirements.

Further Information:

Pre-Heaters & Heaters - worldwide

Our heat exchangers are entirely manufactured and inspected on site here in Germany and are used in nearly every country in the world.

Air Pre-Heaters

are used:

  • in garbage incineration plants
  • in power plants
  • for heating up process air

Air Heaters

are used:

  • in dryers
  • for heating up process air
  • for heatig up circulating air

Heating Media

mainly used:

  • thermal oil
  • saturated steam
  • water

Project management

We design your heaters for industrial applications.

Thermodynamic calculation, construction design, manufacturing and inspection of heat exchangers are all brought together under one roof. We are your partner for heaters and pre-heaters for industrial applications. We look forward to talking to you about your individual projects and specific queries and ideas in the field of heat transfer.